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  • We are specialized in the production of different types of welded wire meshes, fence nettings, barbed wires, razor barbed wires, window screens,gabion boxes and plastic meshes etc.
  • We are specialized in the production of different types of welded wire meshes, fence nettings, barbed wires, razor barbed wires, window screens,gabion boxes and plastic meshes etc.
  • We are specialized in the production of different types of welded wire meshes, fence nettings, barbed wires, razor barbed wires, window screens,gabion boxes and plastic meshes etc.
  • We are specialized in the production of different types of welded wire meshes, fence nettings, barbed wires, razor barbed wires, window screens,gabion boxes and plastic meshes etc.
  • We are specialized in the production of different types of welded wire meshes, fence nettings, barbed wires, razor barbed wires, window screens,gabion boxes and plastic meshes etc.

» Underground fence review and guide

Underground fence review and guide

Introduction and Notes
What is the primary task of every dog ​​owner? Keep your dog safe and secure! In many cases, an underground dog fence may be just the ticket. Maybe your homeowner associations do not allow unsightly fence will contain your dog. Maybe only at the expense of traditional fence is not in your budget. Maybe your dog constantly looking for ways to resolve, lower or higher than the conventional fence. Whatever the reason and underground dog fence, when properly installed and appropriate training your dog, the dog is most effective, humane, cost-effective solutions.
What is an underground dog fence? An underground dog fence is a radio transmitter system, the wire acts as a transmitting antenna, and with the dog when you are too close to the fence from the radio signal picked up the receiver collar. When your dog enters the warning area near the line leading beep warning him to stay here. If he continues to move to the line, he will receive a static shock or corrections. Some systems have been amended to make the dog stronger closer to the line, electrostatic shock he received progress. There is a passing impact on animals in order to prevent some of the controversial aspects of his humanity. However, most experts believe that when an underground dog fence is properly installed and properly trained dog fence, these systems are very user friendly and secure. Option to consider if your dog ran out into the traffic or lost. Have your dog some impact opportunities and traumatized he was right training and / or correction level is too high for your particular dog’s size and temperament. Proper training is the key to success with these systems. Yes, it is true that your dog does not want to be like no more than you receive a similar impact touch the door handle, and get a static shock. This is his incentive to avoid border. The impact is uncomfortable it is not itself dangerous animals. Most systems have automatic shutdown weighed correction area if the animal does not move up and protect him from the amendment.
Compared to the traditional underground dog fence fence installation is fairly easy, and should take more than the daily cost of living for most applications. The hardest part of the installation is buried wires. I offer four methods embedding line. The first is to use a straight edge shovel, and use it to dig down about 3 inches, and create a V-shaped groove laying wires. This simply press the turf or soil back in place. This is the most difficult and time-consuming method. The second method is to use a gas powered lawn edger cut 3 inches deep trench. Lay in the trench wires and replace the shift dirt and press into place. The third method is to rent a trencher attachment cable installation. Trencher will cut trenches and laying cable at the same time. The fourth method is not at all buried wires. Instead, you can simply lie on the ground and use pet fence wire Staples hold it in place. This method is suitable for low traffic areas and grassland areas of the wire will lay turf deep. If you have a driveway or cross wires on the sidewalk, you will need to use masonry blade cut grooves in concrete or asphalt, then sealed with caulk wire in place.
This involves the appropriate choice of many underground dog fence system factors. Some of these factors are discussed below. I will later on specific proposals of these factors. Wireless dog fence is not considered in this discussion.
Your dog’s size
An important factor in your choice of size of the dog in the right system. A small dog 5 lbs and 12 lbs between need one receiver collar offers more than you need a bigger dog lower correction levels. Medium-sized dogs 10 lbs and 60 lbs equally between the correction will require a higher level than small dogs. And large dogs (over 60 lbs), depending on the temperament, may require a higher level of correction. Careful consideration should be the case in very large dog’s temperament and environment, choose to install an underground fence before issue. It may be necessary for these dogs combine traditional fences installed in underground dog fence.
Dog’s temperament
Another important factor in choosing the right system is your dog’s temperament. If your dog is gentle or timid attitude (I call home body), then you can get by with a low level of correction. If you have a dynamic or curious dog (I told him to Explorer), then you might need a higher level of correction to overcome these traits. The protector (larger, more aggressive species) may require a higher level of correction. Underground dog fences have any local level one amendments to amendments 8 user settable. If you have a stubborn dog (I refuse to say these guys), you will want to consider amendments stubborn dog the highest levels of system design.
Dog or cat on the system (cats) number
If you have more than one dog or even a cat, especially if they are significantly different in size and temperament, you need to choose a system that is adapted to these different characteristics. The PetSafe Deluxe Small Dog Fence transmitter and PetSafe PetSafe dog fence collar and stubborn dog collar allows you to mix and match for your pet collars compatible. The PetSafe Underground Cat Fence is also compatible with the system.
The size of the yard
The size of your yard will affect underground dog fence system selection. Each system has its up from the 2 1/2 acre SportDog underground dog fence, you can attach up to 100 acres of underground dog fence support DogTek support maximum size.
Outside influences
Propensity decided to install an underground dog fence, you might consider only family pet, from this point of view, they usually work very smoothly. There are, however, before the purchase and installation of your fence, you should consider the impact of the outside world. One of the biggest frustrations of a underground dog fence, although it will keep your dog, it can not keep other dogs, wildlife, or human predators out. If you live in a busy neighborhood has a lot of traffic there are still many people walking their dogs across your border line, you might want to consider getting your border from these areas or install some form of traditional fence earlier in this areas of your yard. When you and your dog know the fence is no other people can not see the fence and your dog might scare some people lurking near the border can invite other dogs into the yard to say hello. Underground dog fence flag indicating whether the place might help, but they may be ugly, people are not familiar with the technology may not believe it still become frightened.
If you live in the area, other dogs run loose underground dog fences may not be suitable for you as there will be no way for you to keep these dogs into your yard. The same applies to wild animals, your dog may chase or predators may attack your dog. Most predators are active in the evening, after dark so with proper precautions, such as these, you will usually be able to hold back to avoid problems in your dog. With wild animals Some dogs will get, they will run through the fence, stuck on the outside and there is no way, until you found them back in the chase fault so hot. With a strong correction levels and more intensive training fence can overcome this problem.
Existing fence
If you have an existing traditional fence creative thinking and your dog (mains?) Constantly looking for a way out, then you can consider adding an underground dog fence to let him stop. This is the co-existence of its beauty. Installation is much simpler, because you can simply connect too underground fence wire connected to the existing traditional fence.
Remote Training
A couple of these systems are equipped with a remote control that allows you to use the extra collar dog training function may have some distance away from you. These systems are standard include fencing and railway station Innotek dog fences and fencing UltraSmart contain Innotek dog fence and the train station. If you intend to use a remote coach then these systems will save you money, the trouble of switching between two different collar.
Compatibility with other fencing and / or disorders
If you plan to use the underground fence enclosing among other products, such as indoor PetSafe Pawz leave Barrier, PetSafe Pawz Away outdoor indoor PetSafe fence or fence, or if you have a different size and temperament of the dog, you will need to choose between them compatibility collar system. The PetSafe Deluxe, PetSafe small dogs, PetSafe PetSafe cat collars standards and can be used with any existing indoor PetSafe PetSafe underground fence and guardrail. The Pawz prevention and Innotek Innotek super super collar and transmitter are also indoor PetSafe Pawz leave paw away barriers and outdoor PetSafe fence compatible. All other systems with its own transmitter includes only a portion of PetSafe compatible wireless instant fence is not present review.

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